Riddle Me This #6

What do you do when your sweet-faced six year old baby girl extends her chubby little finger and accurately reads aloud (and by that I just mean loud) the popular expletive carved into the seat back in front of her chair in the crowded, silent auditorium at the fourth grade orchestra concert?

Do you:

A. Slap your hand over her mouth and give her the cut it out now, I mean it look.

B. Tell her she’s such a great reader! This is the ironic downside to reading everything from gum wrappers to board books to the Wall Street Journal to her since birth. Okay, I never really read the Wall Street Journal to her, but her father probably has.

C. Glare at the family at the other end of your row with chagrin and pretend she belongs to them. But, too bad, they are already glaring at you in a pre-emptive strike, pretending their farting kid belongs to you.

D. Explain that it’s a swear word and tell her to stop because it’s never okay to say that (or at least wait until your parents and most of the neighborhood are out of earshot), and offer to give her a mani-pedi at home tomorrow to get her off the subject speedy quick.

Which one do you think ole Rack of Ribs chose? Be kind.


7 comments on “Riddle Me This #6

  1. Andrew says:

    Sadly I never help this situation, and usually laugh myself.

  2. rackofribs says:

    Oh, I laughed. AFTER I did A, B, and C.

  3. peachyteachy says:

    You didn’t cover your ears and say “lalalalalalalalala?”

  4. rackofribs says:

    That’s choice E. And what I really wanted to do while ostensibly providing improptu backup vocals for the instrumentalists onstage.

    • peachyteachy says:

      I had a kid add a choice E on a test this week. He chose the correct answer from the available choices, but then added the write-in and circled that as well. I gave him credit. Come on.

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