Riddle Me This #3

Does everyone think Alex Trebek is cool and I just don’t get it OR does Alex Trebek think he’s cool and he’s the only one who doesn’t get it? And what is the letter O doing in the middle of the word JEOPARDY anyway? It’s kind of unnecessary. Like your appendix. Or the Nordic Track in my basement that seemed like such a good idea at the time.

You must answer in the form of a question.

And for a gratuitous thrill, here is my first shot at posting an image!!

Al, back in the days before he cultivated his uptight-condescending-French-tutor image. Clearly, he is quite cool and I just have to get over it. Nice contrasting rust tie, by the way.

Now, that wasn’t so hard! Let’s try another one…

Vintage Nordic Track for sale. Mint Condition. $19.95! Or best offer. Or free. Skis included.


3 comments on “Riddle Me This #3

  1. It is like a leopard is all leopardy… and stuff…

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