Riddle Me This #1

Speaking of Gotye (It was in yesterday’s blog. Try to keep up. We’ll wait. Okay, ready now?), it occurred to me, last night at 3:15, that in that really goofy Chumbawumba song from 1996 about falling down drunk… the “Pissing the night away” person sounds like the “You didn’t have to cut me out” person. But this was at 3:15am, so now my theory doesn’t seem to hold much water. Much like myself at 3:15.

Is the Chumbwumba lady really the Gotye man 16 years later? Think about it.


2 comments on “Riddle Me This #1

  1. muddledmom says:

    Too much caffeine? Or I guess in your case, water. You have got to get some sleep!

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